Fitness Maniac Boxing Punch Bag Hanging 360 Degree Swivel Mount Attachment Hanging Steel Chain 4 Strand Cardio Strength Training Punching Bag Ceiling Hook

Fitness Maniac Iron Boxing Punching Bag Ceiling Hook Mount Hanger Heavy Duty MMA Training U

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FITNESS MANIAC Punch bag hanging attachments are made from high quality metal which has been specially shaped and made for punch bags. These products have been powder coated to give it extra life and make it weather proof and suitable for all environments. The ceiling hook can be affixed into wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places.

✅ Fitness Maniac hanging attachments are powder coated for all weather use.
✅ Heavy Duty Strong hook and chain for your most intense cardio and strength building training sessions.
✅ Perfect for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or any of your favorite contact sports heavy bag training.
✅ Our swivel hook and chain are made of high quality. It is tested for Strength and Endurance.
✅ Please note that this is a multi-variation listing, you can purchase these products as set or individually.