Fitness Maniac 8 Pieces Cable Attachments Combo Weight Lifting Gym Tricep Bar, Tricep Rope & More

Fitness Maniac 8 Pieces Cable Attachments Combo Weight Lifting Gym Tricep Bar, Tricep Rope & More

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Fitness Maniac USA 8 Pieces Combo Tricep Press Down Cable Attachment | Double D Handle, V-Shaped Bar, Tricep Rope, Rotating Straight Bar, D-Handle LAT Machine Accessory Pull Down


Fitness Maniac 8 pieces combo set Cable Attachment are offered to help achieve your muscle building goal. The following 8 pieces of Exercise Machine Attachments are included:

Straight bar

The Fitness Maniac 20 inches straight bar features solid steel construction & swivel hanger & diamond knurled handle to make it function well and bring the unrivalled experience to users. You can adapt this cable attachment to perform pull-downs, straight bar curls and cable seated rows.

Tricep Rope

Heavy-duty Nylon Tricep rope is designed to last a lifetime and it also features a hard chrome swivel that allows flexible movements for your triceps pull-downs workout. Braided Nylon gives solid grips without slippage while working out.

V-Shaped Bar

Fitness Maniac V Bar fit well with most pulley machine and durable all steel construction supports up to 800 lbs. Textured knurling handles is added to ensure a strong, firm grip while chrome finish to prevent corrosion and rust even if being exposed to sweat every day.

Pair D Handle

Steel D Handle features a high polished hard Chrome finish, knurled handle & durable welded flange to attach the cable. Ideal to isolate your muscles and do cable chops, lateral, shoulder, back, and other resistance exercises. They are sold in pair, you will recive two D-Handles.

Double D Row Handle

Want to build up a solid back, strong shoulders and arms? Fitness Maniac is proud to launch new revolutionary Commercial Gym Quality Double D Rowing Handle fitness equipment. They target fibers deep within the triceps and emphasize the outer portion of the triceps muscle.

Pair of Snap Hooks

Fitness Maniac Pack of 2 Steel Snap Link Hook for Exercise Machine Attachments and gym cable equipment such as tricep rope, 30 inch curl bar, 20 inches straight bar, V bar, D-Handles, Double D Rowing Handles. Spring Loaded Quick Release Multipurpose Carabiners and more.